Little Engineers

We promote educational products for children's development.

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We promote educational products for children development

Fred the Mouse is the winner of this years competition

to learn More visit Fred the mouse

How it works?

By January 1st 2019, we release the guidelines for the next design competition
  1. Each design has a problem that needs to be solved.
  2. Participants are asked to submit a small written description of the project.
  3. They are also ask to submit a one minute video where they explain the project.

By September 30th 2018, we will annouce the 2019 winner

We will provide:

  • Funds to have a full development & production set up.
  • A team of professionals who can guide
  • Marketing development and release including website.
  • And the first batch of the production

The winner gets to keep all funds from the sales which we consider seed funds for production and further development.